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Welcome to the ENTERPRISE Pooled Fund Study website. The ENTERPRISE Program is a FHWA Pooled Fund Study with member agencies from North America and Europe. Its main purpose is to use the pooled resources of its members, private sector partners and the United States federal government to develop, evaluate and deploy Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS).

As part of its mission, ENTERPRISE seeks to facilitate the sharing of technological and institutional experiences gained from its ITS projects, and the projects for its individual members.

Project Highlight: Crashworthiness and Protection of ITS Field Devices

Many Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) deployments include signs and other traffic control device displays that require locating them and other ITS components within the roadway clear zone. The Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) requires these devices to be crashworthy.

Agencies wishing to deploy ITS devices within the clear zone are responsible for ensuring that the device is either protected by a longitudinal barrier or mounted on a breakaway support in a configuration that is crashworthy. The ENTERPRISE Pooled Fund Program completed a research project to document available resources to assist state, provincial, and local agencies in the process of designing and deploying ITS devices in the clear zone.  The final report summarizes the large number of resources available from federal and state agencies.

ENTERPRISE recently completed a final report that summarizes the large number of resources available from federal and state agencies.



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Upcoming 2014 Conferences

August 24-27 - National Rural ITS Conference - Branson, Missouri

September 7 - 11 - ITS World Congress - Detroit, Michigan

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ENTERPRISE ITS Warrants - ENTERPRISE has developed warrants for 10 ITS devices to help make the initial decision of whether or not to deploy an ITS solution.

Program Summary

ENTERPRISE has created a one-page program summary that provides a brief overview of the program and provides selected project highlights.



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